Phoenix Newborn Photographer: Welcome Monet Jade!

I met Julie when I was a freshman in high school! She was my volleyball coach for many years, and when I started coaching volleyball after graduation, I was lucky enough to be able to coach with her. She was a bridesmaid in my own wedding, and she is very dear to my heart.

Julie is someone who has been through a lot, and never ever complained. I've always admired her unflagging hope, humility and consistency, no matter how much adversity she was dealt. I have always been inspired by her, and I have been watching and waiting for her to be given equally huge blessings. When I attended her wedding, I was so happy to celebrate her joy. And now, Julie and Chet have welcomed a sweet new baby, named Monet Jade. When I came to coo over her, I brought my camera for some quick shots since newborns change so much within their first few days - Fresh 48 sessions are a great way to get a lifestyle session and permanently capture that brand new squish! Not only did I get to see Julie and Chet, but Monet's uncle was there as well, and he was clearly smitten! Her daddy was absolutely adorable with her - he was so careful and you could tell he was already going to be wrapped around her tiny fingers. I can't wait to watch her grow up, but I hope she's in no rush. Welcome Monet Jade - we adore you already!

Phoenix Newborn Photographer - Welcome Newborn Hudson!

I met Carly when her older sister was a student in my mom's first grade class. She actually has two sisters, and all three were totally adorable. When Carly came in with her new baby Hudson, I was blown away at how grown up she is now! In my head, all three sisters are still adorable little ones. Now they are having their own little ones! Carly was so trusting and let me try out all sorts of set ups with Hudson - who can resist a tiny newborn raccoon?! 

I have to admit an obsession - newborn prop hoarding. Every time it seems like my studio is stuffed to the gills, I manage to find space for another perfect prop or just one more wrap or another quilt. Etsy is one place that I find amazing props - I recently contacted Holly, owner of Storyland Amis because she specializes in making darling amigurumi! She made me a whole collection, and I use them every chance I can get. Between my darling amis from Nicole at Mamas & Minis and Holly at Storyland Amis, I am in crochet cutie heaven! I thought this little fox from Holly made a perfect addition to Hudson's fall set up.  Granted, Arizona fall is barely cool until the end of October, but the minute it drops below 90 degrees, I start to celebrate! Hudson was the perfect little fall baby. Not only that, but his aunt got him that perfect milestone blanket too! I found it at BATZ Kids Etsy shop if you want one of your own! Ok, enough shopping talk! I can't wait to see Hudson and his mama in my studio again and again as he grows up!

Gilbert Family Photographer - The B Family

This session is from last fall - I am officially a bad blogger! But it's one of my absolute favorite sessions, so I have to share it. This is a location in Gilbert that is very popular amongst photographers, and you can probably guess why! Waterfront areas, greenery, some semblance of fall colors in Arizona?! Not only is the location gorgeous, but I got to meet the B family for the first time for this session. Things have already changed so much for this family since last year - since then, we've done maternity photos, newborn Helen's photos and three month photos (which I promise to blog too)! Every time I get to work with the B family, I really look forward to it! Andy and Cheryl are awesome and they always make me laugh - and you can see that Alton is the cutest little guy. I die for his dimples - which his sister inherited too! This location is one of the locations for this year's holiday family photo sessions, so if you love it, feel free to book at - it's labeled as the "Nature Preserve W. Water" location

I mean...can you even stand how cute he is?! He totally kills me!

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Phoenix Newborn Photography: Six Month Old Cedar

It feels like just days ago that I was shooting this tiny baby in the NICU for a Fresh 48 session! He was so tiny, and look at him now! Those little chubby thighs are my absolute favorite thing in the world! Or is it his gorgeous blue eyes? I can't pick.

He's loves to stare at his mama, wherever she may be. He loves to smile and coo and is so close to rolling over! He gave me all of this pure goodness in a fifteen minute span - he's just such a happy guy and made my job so easy. His siblings are totally in love, and who can blame them? Can you feel his happiness just radiating out at you?

I call these "Ravioli Hands".....and I just want to eat them up.

Those eyes!

His mama and I agree that we see the beginnings of some auburn hair coming in soon! He looks exactly like his brother and sister. After their next family session, I'll post some and you'll see what I mean.


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Phoenix Newborn Photographer: Sweet & Soft Isabelle

Sometimes during a session, I fall in love with a baby so much that I almost wish I could put the camera down for a minute and just drink them in - their tiny toes and soft little eyelashes. I often joke with parents because sometimes I've already got the ideal shot, but I just keep shooting because it feels unnatural to stop capturing their perfection. 

This is why I do this. I fall in love with these babies, with their parents, with the love and exhaustion and joy emanating from their newly blessed family. And I can't think of a better way to bring permanency to this than to capture it through a lens. 

I was able to do this entire session while focusing only on sweet new Isabelle. During most sessions, we have parent and family shots at the beginning and then transition to individual newborn set ups. But since Alexandra had already done her newborn family session, I was able to work with Isabelle the entire time. And my goodness, did that make my baby fever even worse. So much time holding onto her, coaxing her little fingers and arms, breathing her in, made me want to keep her forever!

Luckily, I've known her mama for many years, and I hope to know her for many more so I can watch her grow up. Isabelle is a truly gorgeous baby and I can't wait to see what her future brings.


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Phoenix Newborn Photographer: Baby MJ Loves Disney & Pixar!

I met MJ's parents, Jenna and Mark, when I was in high school. I was close friends with Jenna's sister Bethany, and I absolutely loved both girls. I was so excited when I learned that Jenna was pregnant with her first baby, and I was even more excited when I found out that I'd get to be snuggling him at a newborn session! 

At five weeks old, he was an absolute trooper! We put him in a mailbox, for heaven's sake! My favorite part of our time was that anytime I would cover his feet with a blanket, he would smile and kick the blanket off of himself! We were all laughing so hard because he absolutely loved doing it! As you can probably tell, Mark and Jenna are Disney / Pixar fans. When Jenna mentioned that they would be bringing a giant Etch-a-Sketch to their session, I knew I was in for a really fun photoshoot! I asked Nicole over at Mamas & Minis Crochet to whip up a Kevin (the bird from Up!) amigurumi for our session and she made the most darling version.

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